I am an entrepreneur with a big vision and as Managing Director of importantstuffyouneedtoknow, welcome you to my website.

I have a keen interest in assisting people in investing in property and have assisted many people realise their dreams of property investment:

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I am a nurse and about four years ago when I spoke to Elly about investing in property I had recently been divorced and had two children to bring up.  I knew that I had to invest to get some money behind me and had been reading lots of books on property investing.

I saw a few financial advisors who all told me there was no need for me to invest in property and not to bother and it would be better to invest in shares.  But I was interested in property and felt that I would be more secure with bricks and mortar behind me so I persisted in keeping an open mind about property but never had the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. After seeing Elly I got really excited and knew then and there that it could be done because Elly and her husband had done it too; I needed someone to have faith in me.  After I saw Elly she directed me in the right direction and I have not looked back since.  I got the right information and went to the Bank and got a loan.  I couldn’t believe it a single Mum and I was on my way to owning an investment property.  Only four years later I get a good tax benefit, the property which is located in Darwin is giving me good rent and a return on my investment and at the same time valued much more than I paid for it.  I would certainly recommend for you to find out from Elly about how to get the right advice and go for it.  Julie Murphy, Nurse – Mittagong

My husband is a train driver, I am a nurse and I recently returned to work after having twins and we have one toddler as well.  My husband and I have been researching investment properties for approx. 10 years, but hadn’t found a financial viable way of achieving our goals.  Elly’s advice was invaluable in helping both my husband and I understand how it was possible to purchase a quality property with little outlay or ongoing expense.

After I saw Elly she advised me of an upcoming property release, and came with me to that release.

We purchased our first investment property this year, and are currently awaiting contracts for a second property we are purchasing through our superannuation fund.  I would absolutely recommend anyone to listen to Elly and get the right advice about where to go for more information and direction. – Kylie Goodfellow, Nurse – Mittagong


I have been a dentist for 20 years and got interested in property investment 10 years ago after completing the building of our family home.  A year or so later I had an investment property built in the same suburb.

A few years ago I went along to a property investment seminar where I met Jim Downs and Elly Graham.  They both seemed friendly and knowledgeable people and quite down to earth and approachable.  Elly was one of Jims early investors and had done quite well with her portfolio

I decided to look further into what properties were being recommended as I felt I could trust the advice being offered by Rein property group. After the seminar I made an appointment to see Jim and eventually bought a unit in Darwin

Elly and Jim and the team are quite professional so anyone considering investing in growth areas would be well advised to talk to Elly and she can guide you in the right direction in property investment.

I currently am waiting to see how the volatile world economy pans out and its effect on Australia before investing in more property.  If any attractive prospects appear before then I might consider moving earlier. – Joseph Petranovic, Dentist – Sydney

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