Darwin is about to boom – how can you profit in property from this boom?

The Northern Territory is the third fastest-growing of all Australian states and territories behind WA and Qld; it is no wonder the world is starting to pay attention.  Did you know that the huge investments being poured into the region is drawing a large workforce now and into the future and the rate of home building has been well below the level demanded by a rapidly growing population.

I am an avid property investor with a keen interest in helping young people and anyone else interested in setting themselves up for the future, by assisting them to get into the property market.  I have successfully helped my three children get into investing in property, with no capital to give them any handouts.  I am writing this blog so I can find out what people want to know and how I may help them to get started; what better place to invest than in Darwin?

Currently I am working on providing a book revealing the 7 secrets to investing in property, in order to assist people overcome their fear of investing in property by showing them what needs to be done and including the how and why.  All important stuff you need to know to get you started in your journey to financial freedom.  All you need is to have confidence in yourself and start gathering information to back up what I reveal and let me help steer you in the right direction once you have lots of knowledge behind you.

You really need to follow the following steps:

  • Using money to buy assets.
  • Using one asset to generate another
  • Realising that working hard and earning a good income for 40 years is not enough to be wealthy
  • Recognising an opportunity and acting on it immediately is necessary for financial success.
  • One good idea is all that’s needed to generate wealth.
  • Don’t always go for free advice.
  • Using income to increase assets is the quickest way to build wealth.
  • Keeping an eye on the big picture is necessary.
  • You can’t be wealthy if you keep spending it.
  • Planning is part of the process.
  • With persistence anything is possible.
  • Good information at GWELO Developments for further information about Darwin: